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B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Examples & Ideas for SMEs

B2B and B2C marketing strategies are not the same. Yes, the fundamental psychology behind human behaviour is the same, but the deliverables are far from it. The ‘must-dos’ for B2C don’t often apply to B2B businesses. A lot of the marketing content we see online is focused on B2C and doesn’t translate particularly well to those in B2B. So, in this short blog, we’re going to outline a simple B2B organic marketing strategy to help you get started…

Content & SEO

As freelance copywriters, this is our bread and butter and we think it should be yours too. Think of your website and the other organic content you share online as your digital storefront. It’s always accessible and shares your brand’s messages even when you’re not working. Sounds good, you’ve convinced me, but what should I share? Powerful thought leadership content and industry insights are a great way to establish trust with prospects. Consistent content is also great for SEO and can help you rank for longer, more specific search terms. There are a wide range of different types of content you could share. Below we’ve listed 5 key content strategies for B2B marketing.

B2B Content Ideas for SMEs

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars

Social Media Marketing

Generally speaking, Social Media Marketing tends to be more relevant in the B2C space. There are of course exceptions to this, but on the whole, platforms like Instagram and TikTok tend to take more of a backseat, particularly where time and budgets are limited. Two platforms that should be considered as part of B2B marketing strategy are LinkedIn and YouTube. Both are great places to share thought leadership content and connect with people either in or interested in your sector. The simplest way to save time with Social Media Marketing is to repurpose existing content. Take shorter clips from webinars or excerpts from blogs and share those with links to access the full material. Just posting content is one thing but don’t forget about the ‘social’ side of social media. Connect with and engage with others on the platforms to help nurture a community online.

B2B LinkedIn Post Ideas for SMEs

  • Industry Insights
  • Case Studies
  • Anecdotes & Stories
  • Events
  • Benefits not Features

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very successful strategy in the B2B marketing space when executed well. Of course, fundamental to that, is a good email list. And what does a good email list consist of you might ask? Interested relevant recipients who engage with your emails. It’s as simple as that. Two ways to collect said email addresses? Simple subscription forms on your website and gated content on targeted landing pages. Collecting the email addresses is one thing but if you’re not sending relevant content to them, the effort is often futile. Segmentation is key. How can you group the recipients to make the emails more tailored? Can you lead score them? Can you group them by particular interests? By breaking down your lists into smaller niche groups you can send better tailored content and ultimately benefit from higher engagement rates by sending only content that they truly want to read.

Email Marketing Ideas for SMEs

  • Webinar Invites
  • eBooks and Guides
  • Latest News
  • Nurture Campaigns
  • Social Proof

Like with any marketing advice, take this blog post with a pinch of salt. Every business is uniquely different and these are generic strategies. There are always exceptions to the trends and your successful strategy might not incorporate any of these. But, if you’re not having much luck with your current efforts the key to finding out what works for you is to simply test and test and test. Try a range of different approaches until ultimately you find the one that delivers the best return on investment. For us, that’s a Content and SEO-led strategy.

If you would like to discuss your business’ requirements in more detail and receive more tailored advice, here at SP5 Digital we also offer consultancy services. Simply enter your details in the form below and we will be in touch.

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