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What are the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses?

Whilst at one point blogs were simply used as online diaries or journals, they’ve since evolved into a very beneficial marketing tool. They’re no longer just a place to share thoughts and ramblings, rather they’re a key channel for driving organic website visitors. That is, those who visit your site without following a link you shared or an ad you posted. In this short post, we’re going to outline 7 of the benefits of blogging for businesses as well as how you can get started yourself.

The Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

01. Bring traffic to your site

As previously alluded to, one of the biggest benefits of blogging is the increased traffic it brings to your website. People searching online may have never heard of your business but if your blog answers their questions, they’ll be directed to your site. For brick-and-mortar businesses, writing location-specific blogs is a great way to ensure that your business is more relevant to those reading your posts. For eCommerce or Saas brands, blog away!

02. Keep customers engaged on your site for longer

With a page full of interesting articles, helpful tips and written pieces about your business, you’re far more likely to keep your clients on your website for longer. The longer they’re on your site, the more likely they are to remember your business and hence, the more likely they are to make a purchase or book an appointment.

03. Expand the depth and breadth of your website

A blog is a great place to cover your site’s topics in more detail. Not everyone who visits your site will be looking for an in-depth write-up of what you do or why you do it. So, a blog is a great place to add that additional content for those who want to know more. Take our Blog Writing in Salisbury page as an example. That covers blog writing at a very general level and then in this post we’re going into far more detail. This could be the same for your ‘about us’ story. You might choose to write the condensed history of your business on your about page, and then write a whole blog post including all of the thoughts and feelings you had when creating it.

04. Outrank your competitors

Writing interesting or useful blogs is a great way to outrank your business’ competitors. For those whose competitors don’t currently blog, even just starting a blog puts you a massive step ahead. For those whose competitors are already blogging, by writing better and more search engine optimised content, you can improve your chances of outranking them. And what does that mean? Showing up higher in Google when people make a search! If your website is in that number one spot (or even on the first page) there’s a higher chance it’ll be clicked.

05. Have content to share in emails and on social media

Ever come to write your monthly email newsletter and got stuck on what to include? With a blog full of interesting (pre-written!) content you can pick and choose pieces to share. Blog post links work particularly well on LinkedIn for B2B businesses and on Pinterest for B2C businesses.

06. Encourage engagement with your clients/prospects

Most blogs have a comment section for readers to share their thoughts on the post. Not only is this great for client feedback but it’s also a great space to start a conversation with your readers. Those who are interested in making a purchase might choose your blog comments as a place to ask questions that ultimately help them decide whether to purchase or not.

07. Increase your conversion rate

And, ultimately, the most important benefit of blogging for businesses…. Increasing your sales or enquiries! Prospects scrolling your site might find the answers to their questions amongst your blog content. Or, even better, read enough that they feel equipped to make an informed decision to buy there and then. With people who are already interested in what you offer already on your site, you’re halfway there to making a sale!

Finally, how to start blogging:

Think about how what your ideal customers are likely to be searching for online. Then, use that to guide the posts that you put together. Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into it, but that’s a great place to start. If you’d like a hand with your blog writing or SEO from a freelance copywriter, just enter your details in the form below and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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