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5 Tips for Improving Your Local SEO

So, you’ve set up a website for your business but it’s not quite bringing you the sales or interaction you were hoping for. When you search ‘Salisbury Café’ or ‘Plumber near me’ your business doesn’t show up, rather, your competitors are there at the top of Google. I know, it’s frustrating, huh? Improving your SEO is crucial if you want to outrank other businesses in the area. So, in this post, we’re going to run through 5 tips for improving your business’ local SEO…

01. Set Up Google My Business

If you haven’t already set one up, create a Google My Business Account for your business. If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar business, like us, you can sign up as a service-based business. Add your business’ address, contact details, opening hours as well as a couple of images and a short description about what you do. You can also post updates directly on there, think of them like Facebook statuses. This is a great place to post about any changes to your opening hours or business operations.

02. Ensure all of your contact details are correct, everywhere

Google refers to this information as ‘NAP’. That is, your business’ Name, Address and Phone number. Everywhere this information is featured online it should be the same. So, go through old Facebook pages and business directories and ensure all of your information is up to date. It’s also important to make sure this information is prominent on every page of your website, such as in your footer.

03. Regularly collect online reviews

One local SEO ranking factor that requires less technical skill is collecting online reviews. It’s good to have a few across multiple platforms but it’s worth starting with Google if you have limited resources. The total number of online reviews your business has matters, as well as the overall sentiment of your reviews. It’s also worth emphasising that these should be collected regularly rather than in short unpredictable bursts, to have the most effect. Google takes the volume and frequency of them into account.

04. Reference your location throughout your website

Rather than saying ‘Our Construction Services’ add your location to your title such as ‘Salisbury Based Construction Services’. Instead of just having your location on your About Us page, scatter your location throughout your site’s titles and content. Whilst we’re on this topic, it’s key to make sure your location is mentioned in all of your business’ social media accounts too. Include it in your name or bio.

05. Collect links from local businesses/organisations

Now, this one isn’t as simple as the others but it’s absolutely one that is worth spending time on. For local SEO, links to your site from other local businesses are really beneficial. If you sponsor any charity events, ask if they’ll include a link to your site as part of the project. Have a local supplier that you work closely with? Why not mention them on your site and ask them to add your site to theirs.

These 5 tips for improving your local SEO are a great starting place to outrank your competitors. Looking to improve your business’ local rankings even more? Get in touch to find out more about our SEO services starting at just £199. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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