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7 TikTok Ideas for Restaurants

We’ve all heard it hundreds of times by now, ‘businesses should be getting on TikTok’. Whilst that definitely is a blanket statement (and certainly doesn’t apply to all) for those in the hospitality sector, it’s definitely an avenue worth exploring. Unlike Instagram, TikTok has a far more ‘real’ feel to it, so filming content on your phone is more than acceptable. Those with bigger budgets might hire videographers, but if you have a decent smartphone camera, that’ll more than suffice. So, we’ve established that having a go making TikToks is likely to be beneficial. Now, what to post… Below you’ll find 7 evergreen TikTok ideas for restaurants that can be posted at any time regardless of current trends. Let’s get into them, shall we?

7 TikTok Ideas for Restaurants

1. New On The Menu

The first one always has to be the obvious one, right? But how better to shout about your new menu (and show some of the dishes) than in video format? Yes, you could write a blog post detailing the dishes and their inspiration, but a picture (*video*) paints a thousand words. Showcase all of the new seasonal dishes on your menu and really get people excited about what you serve.

2. Cook With Us

Go behind the scenes and film your chefs hard at work. Choose either a singular dish from start to finish or one time point and film a number of clips showing what they’re up to. Yes, it might cause a bit of commotion in the kitchen but with plenty of advanced warning, you can work together to plan it out effectively. To maximise efficiency, you could just film the clips and then add a voiceover afterwards, to avoid having to retake them over and over again.

3. Restaurant Tour

Got some great decor? Film a walking tour of your venue highlighting any particularly cool, quirky, or aesthetic areas. For many people, the food is only one part of the experience when dining out. So, show what the whole experience is like. This is also a good way of letting your followers know what the atmosphere and dress code are without explicitly having to spell it out.

4. POVs

A very popular type of content, POVs are super easy to make. Simply film an experience and then add text describing the point of view. Eg ‘POV you just dined at restaurant X for the first time’, ‘POV you ordered the most expensive thing on the menu’, or ‘POV you’ve found a hidden gem in your local town’. The best part? You can recycle video clips that you already have and post them in this format.

5. Food Hacks

Another very popular type of content on TikTok: food hacks. Speak to your kitchen team and ask if there are any hacks that they swear by and share those online. In order for these to be the most effective, I’d recommend filming the hack and putting a voiceover over the top of it. From a tip for the perfect poached egg to hacks for reducing the mess when cooking, share away!

6. Popular Dishes That Day

We know that a majority of people tend to follow the crowd. So, share what most people are eating that day/week/month. Not only does this give you a chance to show off your bestseller, but it acts as social proof too. If 30 people have ordered the same thing today, it must be good, right? Rather than film the same dish over and over again, perhaps total up the orders and show the top 3 choices with the stats.

7. At-Home Recipes

Whilst these won’t be directly encouraging people into your venue, they’re great for brand awareness. Share recipes that your followers can make at home. If people really enjoy them, they’ll be in to try them and see what else you offer. If you’re also toying with the idea of recipe boxes, posting this content on TikTok can help you understand a) the demand and b) what’s popular.

I’m sure you don’t need me to say it but TikTok success rarely happens overnight. For some, it does. But, for many, it doesn’t. Keep testing new things to see what works and stick at it. Alternatively, if it all sounds like a bit of a hassle, you can outsource your social media marketing to a specialist. If you’re in the Salisbury area I’d love to talk TikTok strategies with you. Just enter your details in the form below and I’ll be in touch!

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