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UGC Photography

Share *those* aesthetic lifestyle shots and create a personal feeling brand with UGC Photography.

UGC Photography in Salisbury

UGC Photography in Salisbury

Posting a few stock images and an infographic is no longer a successful way for brand’s to grow a social media presence. Whilst it might be easy and efficient, and take only a few minutes to collate, it’s certainly not the best way to grow an audience, engagement and ultimately a community.

So, what next? Introducing UGC Photography.

If you’ve got physical products, show those in real-life situations. Let’s say you’re a candle-making company, rather than post your professionally shot, crisp white background images, post images of your candles in situ. In cosy lounges, on dressing tables, or in the kitchen, if that better suits your brand. Essentially, UGC is all about creating ‘real’ and more personable content that feels relatable. 

Sounds good, but what next? You tell us the sort of shots you require, we take them. It’s as simple as that!

UGC Photography in Salisbury

What Is UGC Photography?

UGC stands for User Generated Content and is a style of imagery that looks natural on the feed. 

Rather than glossy, studio-shot images of products, they’re images of products in a lifestyle setting that look less staged. Often, they’re taken by content creators at home rather than photographers in a studio.

When shared on social media, they look far less like brand advertisments and more like a friend’s post.

Whilst this style of photography doesn’t work for every brand, it’s a great way to add a more personable element to your business.

The Benefits of UGC

Besides just being visually appealing, UGC Photography…

Salisbury UGC

Previous UGC Photography Projects

From beauty products to stationery to jewellery brands, here’s a selection of my previous projects…

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